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Michael E. Jones


Co-Owner, Secretary & Treasurer

Integrity Plus Realty

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Although new to the real estate business, Mike has 45+ years in the legal service industry during which time he developed and cultivated personal interaction skills, a talent for contract and document review, and overseeing large projects requiring deep understanding and implementation of available resources to meet deadlines.


Becoming familiar with how real estate laws govern our business transactions and ethics helps him identify and ensure the brokerage follows all directives issued by the RE governing bodies.


As its company Secretary Mike is familiar with the compliance requirements needed to maintain the brokerage’s good standing with all State and local filing agencies, as well as partnering with accounting professionals to ensure timely disbursement of operating expenses and commissions to Associates.


Over 25 years as a training facilitator, helping to improve and strengthen professional skill sets for others, helps Mike identify resource materials to help enhance our Associates’ continued business success.


His focus on Associates and their clients puts emphasis on helping Associates grow their business and is an accessible company Member REALTOR® who enjoys assisting with questions and identifying needs.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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